108 Securities is an Exempt Market Dealer Operating this Funding Portal on the Backers Platform

Round 1

$100,000 @ $2M Valuation

Round 2 - Jan 2020

$300,000 @ $5M Valuation

Round 3 - Mar 2020

$300,000 @ $10M Valuation

Round 4 - May 2020

$300,000 @ $20M Valuation

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Executive Summary

Backers is a multi-dealer private securities exchange platform built on blockchain. The Backers platform will enable private corporations to raise capital through the selling of their securities to investors in the form of a blockchain based security token.

The problem : 90% of Start-ups Fail. With 3 of the main reasons being No Plan, No market Fit, and No Cash

You are entering an online platform operated by a funding portal that is registered in the category of Exempt Market Dealer (EMD), and is required to provide advice about the suitability of the purchase of the security.
I acknowledge that a distribution posted on this funding portal’s online platform;
(i) has not been reviewed or approved in any way by a securities regulatory authority or regulator, and
(ii) is risky and may result in the loss of all or most of an investment;
You may receive limited ongoing information about an issuer or an investment made through the funding portal